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Documents and Commentaires
  1. Life Stories of Africans in Diaspora.Introduction by Sean Kelley and Paul Lovejoy

  2. The Autobiography of Dorugu, in Hausa and English translation. Introduction by Mohammed Bashir Salau

  3. Mohammed Ali Sa'id : Introduction by Paul E. Lovejoy

  4. Nielson Bezerra, ed., Liberated African Registers from Brazil

  5. Registers of Liberated Africans, 1808-1848,Introduction by Henry Lovejoy

  6. Documents on Households in The Minas Gerais Mining Region of Brazil, Introduction by Moacir Rodrigo de Castro Maia

  7. Ecclesiastical and Secular Sources for Slave Societies of Cuba, Brazil, Colombia. Introduction by Jane Landers

  8. `Abd al-Rahman al-Baghdadi, Musalliyat al-gharib (The Foreigner’s Amusement by Wonderful Things) (1865), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun, with Renée Soulodre-La France

     The Arabic Manuscript

  9. Muhammad Kaba Saghanughu, Kitab al-Salat, Arabic text, c.1824; Baptist Missionary Society, Oxford.

    The Arabic Manuscript (24.5Mb)

  10. al-Timbuktawi ms, in Arabic, from Tunis, c. 1813, M.A.thesis, translated by Ismael Musah Montana

  11. Ahmad Abu al-Gaith Tuwati Account Book

  12. Robin Law (ed.), Documents on the History of the Oyo Empire; texts relevant to the history of Oyo, drawing on published documents and translations of non-English texts (previously published, Department of History, University of Ibadan) 

  13. Hugh Clapperton into the Interior of Africa Records of the Second Expedition, 1825-1827 Edited by Jamie Bruce Lockhart and Paul E. Lovejoy

  14. Richard and John Lander's Niger Journals of 1830, transcribed and edited by Jamie Bruce Lockhart

  15. Documents on the Upper Guinea Coast, Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century: Bruce L. Mouser Collection

  16. Documents of the French Slave Trade on West Africa, transcription by Renée Soulodre-La France, including: 

    Mémoire sur les nègres esclaves” [1716]; 

    Mémoire du commerce du Calbar” [1762] (ADLA C 736, Chambre du Commerce de Nantes) (View document ); 

    Extrait de mémoire donné par Mr. Lepinay en septembre 1762” (ADLA C 738 folio 76); Archives Nationales, Nantes.

  17. Documents on Calabar: 

    Gomer Williams on Massacre at Old Calabar 1767

  18. Documents from Archives de l'A.O.F., The Martin A. Klein Collection, Inventory of holdings, by Jennifer Lofkrantz

  19. Texts of Ocha Ifa and Santeria, Regla, Cuba, 61 volumes; introduction by Henry Lovejoy

  20. The Arrest Report and Declaration of Juan Nepomuceno Prieto, July 1835, Translated and transcribed by Henry B. Lovejoy

  21. Paul Constantine Meyer, Account of the Origin and Organization of the States of Western Sudan, Introduction by Paul E. Lovejoy

  22. The Slave Laws of Colonial Nigeria. Introduction by Paul E. Lovejoy 

    The Native House Rule Ordinance of Southern Nigeria (1901)

    Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 6 (1905, revised 1906)

    Frederick Lugard, Memorandum No. 22 (1906)

    Commentary: Paul Lovejoy and Jan Hogendorn, "The Slavery Question in Colonial Northern Nigeria, 1900-1906"

  23. Alessandra Vianello and Mohamed M. Kassim, eds

    Servants Of The Sharia: The Civil Register Of The Qadi's Court Of Brava 1893-1900 (African Sources for African History)

  24. Suzanna Ogunjami: an Enigmatic Modern Artist, by Simon Ottenberg

  25. Modern Slavery in Brazil. Report by Ana Lucia Araujo

  26. Timbuktu slavery documents, 19th century (Hunwick Collection), translated by Yacine Daddi Addoun

  27. Documents on Slavery and the Slave Trade, Nigerian National Archives, Enugu. Inventory by Paul Lovejoy and Carolyn Brow

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