Canadian Association of African Studies  (CAAS), 2017

Ryerson University, Toronto, Canada

May 31 - June 2, 2017

The Canadian Association of African Studies was a conference that took place on May 31 to June 2017 at Ryerson University in Toronto. The aim of the conference was for associated academics to propose and present their own full panels and research streams around themes reflecting their current areas of research. These include the history of slavery, current and past activities of extraction industries, gender and sexuality, strategies to address global climate change and what it is to engage in African studies in a Canadian context.  Members of the SHADD project took place in two panel discussions entitled “Biography in Global Contexts” and “Biography and Methodology” that took place on May 31st, 2017. Sean Kelley and Paul Lovejoy acted as chairs for both panel discussions.


Biography in Global Contexts

Chair | Animateur: Sean Kelley, University of Essex

Wednesday, May 31st 2017


Bruno Rafael Véras de Morais e Silva, York University

African Muslims in Nineteenth Century Northeastern Brazil


Margaret B. Crosby-Arnold, Columbia University

Joseph Bologne de Saint-Georges (1744-1799): Migration, Diversity and Social Mobility in the Atlantic World


Jeffrey Gunn, York University

Tracing Kru Labourers through Fragmented Biographical Accounts in the Atlantic and Beyond in the Nineteenth Century


Matteo Salvadore, American University of Sharjah

Kidnapped into Slavery and Tried by the Goa Inquisition: The unwilling journey of Gabriel, a 16th century Ethiopian Jew


Biography and Methodology

Chair | Animateur: Paul Lovejoy, York University

Wednesday, May 31st 2017


Richard Anderson, York University

Uncovering Testimonies of Slavery and the Slave Trade in Missionary Sources: The SHADD Biographies Project and the CMS and MMS Archives for Sierra Leone, Nigeria, and the Gambia


Nielson Rosa Bezerra, Universidade do Estado do Rio de Janeiro

Slavery, Freedom and Post Abolition in Brazil: The Trajectory of Michelina, the African


Sean Kelley, University of Essex

Researching and Writing the Biographies of Africans in Early America: Problems and Possibilities


Ricardo Márquez García, University of Cologne

The Cameroon Grassfields and the Transatlantic Slave Trade: Methodological reflections for the research of decentralized societies



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